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big cookiesquestion_markGot more questions then why not review some answers below or you can always contact us direct and we will do our best to assist you.

Remember our service is genuinely 100% risk free so you really have absolutely nothing to loose and you also receive the first 5 – 10 calls absolutely free … so you have quite a bit to gain by giving our service a spin.


Q. I already have a website. Does this replace it?

A. Not at all. It works totally separately or, if you’re not happy with your current site, we can set it up so that visitors get redirected to the site we provide for you.

Q. Am I tied into a minimum term agreement?

A. No. We’re not fans of being tied into lengthy contracts ourselves, so with Per Lead Marketing we’ve made it so that you can quit at any time by giving us just 7 days’ notice.

Q. How much will it cost per call?

A. Well, that really depends on what type of business you’re in, but it’s not expensive. See how our pricing works here or why not call us to discuss it for your specific Industry?

Q. Do you sell the enquiries on to my competitors?

A. No. The enquiries generated through the site come to you and you alone. It’s this exclusivity which really sets us apart from any other lead generation business.

Q. How do I know the calls I get are from Per Lead Marketing?

A. Calls from the website come directly to you via an exclusive (and unique) number we purchase for you. We then record all the calls that come through that exclusive number and send you an itemised breakdown of every lead for the month. We can also direct the calls to any phone of your choice to allow you more control over monitoring Per Lead calls from your other business calls.

Q. Am I charged for every call?

A. No, because not every phone call you receive will be ‘work’ related. We factor this into our pricing to ensure that effectively every 10th call is discounted, so there’s no charge for anything considered a ‘non-enquiry’.

Q. Does the website ever become mine?

A. The website is owned by Per Lead Marketing. You’re only receiving the calls and emails generated by the site. The telephone number, domain name and website will be owned by us. Should you wish to purchase the site then please contact us for a quote.


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