top of the worldTired of spending on ineffective advertising?

question_markWhy gamble on traditional marketing methods that cost you thousands and offer no guarantee of successfully leading to genuine business enquiries, when you can simply sit back and let us do the hard work to get your phone ringing and just pay only when we do!

We charge per volume of leads generated and prices are fixed according to the specific industry, location and $ value of  each type of business lead. We work with lots of different service providers and the prices are based on industry averages for a standard quote for each business. So for example the price a locksmith would pay per lead would be substantially lower than the price per lead for a luxury private jet charter company.

Pricing Tiers

tagThe Pricing is structured by the volume of calls as shown in the example below (the specific price will be dependent on your particular type of business – contact us for more details). Invoices are billable in US$, NZ$, AUS$, £’s or €’s monthly:

Month 1 = First 5-10 leads are Completely Free

Following Months:

0-5 Leads = Fixed Price
6-10 Leads = Fixed Price
11-15 Leads = Fixed Price
16-20 Leads = Fixed Price
21-25 Leads = Fixed Price
25-30 Leads = Fixed Price
31-35 Leads = Fixed Price
36-40 Leads = Fixed Price
41-45 Leads = Fixed Price
46-50 Leads = Fixed Price
51-70 Leads = Fixed Price
71-99 Leads = Fixed Price
100+ Leads = Fixed Price

Contact us today for a specific quote for your industry. Our tiered pricing structure is carefully calculated and discounted to ensure that effectively every 10th call is free which eliminates the industry average that 1 in 10 calls may be a non business lead (sales call, wrong number, employment request etc).

Still Undecided then Remember …

dollar_currency_signOur prices are lower than you might think

saleUp to 10 Free Leads in month one

page_warningNo membership or joining fee

delete_userLeads are not re-sold to others

checkedDiscounts for non-enquiries

likeFree to cancel at any time


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